As an inherent part of who we are, our commitment is based on the business’s values.
While keeping an attractive price tag, new products are studied upstream to reduce the toxicity of materials and components as well as polluting emissions and their recycling. KIPLAY also makes sure that human rights are respected in its production workshops.
With innovative and creative technical products, KIPLAY strives to stay at the top of its game and to take its customers’ needs into account.

Marc Pradal

Kiplay CEO



Product design, manufacture and delivery, process control, corporate and project management: KIPLAY asserts its commitment to sustainable development at every stage.

The ongoing and balanced consideration of economic, social and environmental issues and high-quality relations with all its partners are constant priorities of the company.

  • By joining the Global Compact, KIPLAY highlights its commitment to the values and fundamental principles determining its relationships with its economic partners and suppliers in particular. In this regard, KIPLAY refers to the ILO conventions to draw up the requirements of its specifications
  • Product quality is now achieved by listening to our customers, controlling the design and manufacturing processes and taking an eco-socio-design approach favouring the choice of fair trade materials.
  • KIPLAY gives priority to products that are guaranteed by eco-labels.
  • KIPLAY’s purchasing policy determines the selection, contracting and assessment conditions ensuring that suppliers are following the fundamental principles of sustainable development and that these principles are actually being applied.
  • In environmental terms, measures are taken to keep consumption, waste and the company’s carbon footprint under control.
  • KIPLAY’s sustainable development policy is implemented by making all of its employees’ aware of their individual responsibilities, whatever their role within the company. Particular efforts to raise awareness of the challenges and good practices of sustainable development are therefore being made. The company’s responsibility towards society goes hand in hand with each person’s responsibility as a citizen.
  • High-quality customer service, ability to react, keeping to deadlines, product traceability and economic performance are all strengthened by the efficiency of KIPLAY’s information system.
  • To keep its commitments over the long-term, KIPLAY seeks to continually improve its products, associated services and management system. In this regard, its commitment to comply with the requirements of standard ISO 9001 is an international reference.

All these aspects are developed within a progress initiative based on the AFNOR SD 21000 guide as part of a regional collective operation.

The success of KIPLAY’s project is inextricably linked to its commitment to Sustainable Development.